Oak Glen High School
195 Golden Bear Drive
New Cumberland, WV 26047
Phone 387-2063 or 564-3500
Dave Smith, Principal
Kevin Logue, Assistant Principal
Carla Carinci-Bell, Assistant Principal

Oak Glen High School is the northern most high school in the State of West Virginia.  Oak Glen has over 530 students in grades 9-12. Academically, the Oak Glen Administration and Faculty oversee a program of study that is focused on providing a comprehensive and rigorous education that is geared toward preparing our students to compete on a global scale. Oak Glen competes at the AA level in all sports in West Virginia and is also a member of the prestigious Ohio Valley Athletic Conference where we compete at the AAA level.  Our athletic facilities, including a new artificial turf football/soccer stadium, outdoor track and field facilities, baseball and softball fields, a wrestling room, and two basketball courts, are some of the finest in the Tri-State area. In addition to rigorous academics and sports, Oak Glen High School offers students the opportunity to join many clubs that provide activities for our students and benefits our community. Our RAZE, anti-drug, alcohol and tobacco, program has been recognized at both the State and National levels. Our theatre program has also been recognized as one of the best in the State. In the 2013/2014 school year we will be transitioning to the trimester schedule.


Weir High School
100 Red Rider Road
Weirton, WV 26062
Phone 748-7600
Dan Enich, Principal
Kristen Bissett, Assistant Principal
Mike McKenzie, Assistant Principal

Weir High School houses 612 students in grades 9-12. Weir High School has recently added a new state of the art multi-sports complex on campus. The complex is called “Jimmy Carey Stadium” and is the home of the Red Rider Football, Soccer, Track, Band, and Cheerleading teams. Along with this major addition to our campus, Weir High School will also add a new state of the art science lab and upgrade its theatre. Weir High School has upgraded signage and aesthetics around the entire campus to coincide with our renovations.  

 Weir High School offers a comprehensive education guided by the principles of the West Virginia Department of Education. Weir High School is striving to improve and enhance student achievement and classroom instruction through its current adoption of the Next Generation Content Standards to its curriculum. This curriculum will be delivered to the students in a new trimester schedule format which will begin with the 2013-14 school year. Weir High currently has the Hancock County Teacher of the year in Mrs. Lissa Dulick, who represented the school and county for the WV state teacher of the year.  Weir High School puts an emphasis on multicultural education and has been recognized by the All Black Schools Sports and Academics Hall of Fame (ABSSA) with the Carolyn Bennett Smoot contributor award for the school’s work with its recognition of Black History Month as well as the Carter G. Woodson History Bowl.


Weir High has business partnerships with Hancock County Savings Bank, FACS Law, Greco-Hertnick Funeral Home, Project BEST, Weirton Medical Center, Tri-State Medical, Lyle’s Auto, First Choice America Credit Union, and Mainstream Physical Therapy. These partnerships have forged a business-education alliance that has benefitted the whole student body. Weir High School has a staff of 46 WV State highly qualified teachers, 2 guidance counselors, 2 assistant principals, and the head principal.


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